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Barbara with finger in mouth, black pants pull down exposing naked butt 
Our seductive little 24-year-old secretary, Barbara came to Amsterdam on holiday and never left. She now works part time in an art gallery, but says she loves the freedom being an escort gives her to be both sexually aggressive and submissive with equal enthusiasm. Barbara has a medium build with a perky bust, but a butt built just right for loving. Are you the butt man for her?
Barbara standing with hand on hip, wearing black sporty outfit 
Barbara unzipping jacket exposing one naked boob 
Close-up of Barbara squeezing naked breast together wearing jacket 
Barbara removing jacket exposing naked breasts 
Barbara standing topless with jacket off wearing black pants 
Barbara standing topless untying pants 
Barbara standing on stairs with back towards camera 
Barbara bent forward with bare ass pointing towards camera 

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