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Charlotte sitting wearing jeans and flowery see-through blouse 
Charlotte is 21 years old from Sweden who is studying to be an architect. She’s medium build with a large natural bust and no tattoos. Charlotte says that being an escort allows her the freedom to explore her sexual curiosity and expand her understanding of the human psyche. WOW! Smart and beautiful – a sexy combination in any woman. Care to go exploring with Charlotte? Speaks English fluently.
Charlotte sitting with legs crossed and hands in lap fully clothed 
Charlotte pulling blouse above bra sitting wearing blue jeans 
Charlotte wearing white bra blue jeans pierced belly button and necklace 
Charlotte wearing jeans sitting with hands on legs in white bra 
Charlotte taking jeans off no panties with ass facing camera 
Charlotte standing nude with bra stretched between hands smiling 
Charlotte standing straight with hands on thighs naked smiling 
Charlotte squatting down naked with legs spread leaning elbows on chair 

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