Quality Dutch Escorts In Amsterdam

Chelsea standing with hands on hips wearing blue jeans and long sleeve shirt 

One of our local ladies, 37-year-old Chelsea was born in Amsterdam and currently works part-time at a local coffee house. This slim-built, natural blond has a large augmented bust with slender hips and long, lean legs. Physical fitness is her passion, among other things, and Chelsea is bound to give you the workout you’ve been looking for. Book her for an extended session – you’re gonna need it!

Chelsea sitting with legs crossed and hand on thigh wearing jeans and half top 
Zoom out shot of Chelsea sitting with legs crossed and hand on thigh 
Chelsea sitting with shirt pulled up above breasts 
Chelsea standing sideways topless with hand hanging to side 
Chelsea taking pants off with back facing camera 
Topless Chelsea holding naked ass with both hands and pants pull down 
Chelsea sitting naked on sofa leaning back with legs up 
Close-up of Chelsea’s feet while sitting naked on sofa with hands on knees 

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