Quality Dutch Escorts In Amsterdam
Tiffany wearing leather outfit leaning against bar 
Former swimsuit model Tiffany is a 24-year-old Dutch national who loves show her clients ALL the pleasure points in Amsterdam. She also works as a bicycle tour operator which keeps her in fantastic shape. This blonde beauty is tall and thin with a large augmented bust, no body piercings and says she would love to show a couple to her favorite sex club for an evening of decadence and delights!!
Tiffany sitting on bar stool wearing black leather mini skirt and high heels 
Tiffany sitting on bar stool with one leg up blowing kiss to camera 
Tiffany leaning on bar with cleavage showing 
Tiffany unzipping skirt to expose naked breasts 
Tiffany taking leather skirt off while exposing breasts 
Tiffany standing sideways with hands on bar and one leg up on stool 
Tiffany kneeling on bar stool naked with hands on bar 
Need Tiffany climbing up on bar with legs spread and pussy expose 

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